Taino is a British swimwear and beachwear brand which takes it’s design lead from the environment that surrounded the founder, Olivia Bonham, during the part of her childhood that was spent on Taino Beach in the Bahamas. Her memories of spending endless days on the beach with salty hair, the smell of coconuts & the feel of the sea breeze inspired the brand.

Liv’s grandfather joined the Merchant Navy aged 15 having always known he wanted to spend a life at sea. He started out leading a life of sea sickness, scrubbing decks and long night shifts but eventually worked his way up to Ship’s Pilot, moving from the little village of Grimsby to the Island of Grand Bahama in the Bahamas. This is where the story of Taino begins.

Liv’s mum, Sue Bonham, was already an established fashion designer, and her collections featured resortwear which she sold on the island. While Sue would meet with the owners of the shops on the island, Liv would spend hours looking at the prints and the colours, dreaming of wearing all the bikinis. Training started young.

‘As I grew up the excitement I felt as a child of going to the beach never left me. Things changed, I moved out of swimsuits into bikinis, kayaking became jet skiing, snorkelling became scuba diving, virgin cocktails in coconuts became real ones and instead of curling up in my mum’s dresses and sarongs I had my own.’

In 2005 Liv’s mum moved to Barbados, bought a factory and set up a Resortwear brand, Liv designed some of the swimwear and beachwear which was sold on the island, and also in the UK in the Kings Road Sporting Club in Chelsea. Having stepped away from the life of design and creativity for a few years, Liv has now decided to follow her dream and develop her own brand – Taino.

Taino is inspired by Grand Bahama and it’s experiences, the colours and prints reflecting the skies, the ocean, the foliage and local traditions such as Junkanoo – the carnival that takes place every Christmas and Summer. Even the metallics link to life in the Bahamas – the story says you should always wear gold, not silver as if you’re ever captured by pirates you have something to bargain with. So ours will always be gold. Every piece embraces the island and we hope you love it as much as we do.

‘This brand has been in my heart for as long as I can remember, my philosophy when it comes to the product is you should feel the best when you’re wearing the least. I want to create beautifully designed swimwear in the highest quality fabric and manufacturing, that ignites in others the same sense of fun and adventure I have always felt when heading off on holiday.’