Taino has a direct connection to nature, but we are aware of a strange paradox. Our oceans are home to most of the life on our planet and play a central role in the world’s natural systems including regulating our climate and absorbing carbon dioxide. Yet things are changing fast.

We appreciate and feel the need to protect the ocean where this brand was born. The threat to the ocean environment from human carelessness and lack of awareness is close to our hearts.

A quote from Liv….

‘As the years passed I started to see changes to the beach and the surrounding environment. Litter appeared, parts of the reef had been visibly damaged and people taking souvenirs from the sea such as starfish and sand dollars happened frequently. This sparked something in me to find a way to reverse the effects that human activity will always have on our oceans and beaches. I love and appreciate the ocean and have felt the need from a young age to preserve it.’

At Taino we are constantly educating ourselves on the damage the ocean faces and ways in which this can be prevented or counteracted, and it feels natural to support a charity which has the same vision as us. Whenever a Taino piece is purchased a donation will incur to Oceana.


Oceana’s vision is to make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they once were, and they have highlighted 4 key issues they face today:

  1. Overfishing has led to the disruption of ocean eco systems and threatens to continue doing so, which will ultimately impact our livelihoods.
  2. We’re pushing our oceans, and marine wildlife and human health to breaking point with pollution. This isn’t just a plastic problem but also includes mercury, land-run, oil and climate changing gases.
  3. Common yet destructive and wasteful fishing practices threaten wildlife, damage the seabed including coral reef and leads to excessive by-catch.
  4. Our oceans have the potential to feed billions of people a healthy meal every day yet we are dissipating sources of food.

Oceana was created to identify practical solutions and make them happen. They are campaign-driven, fact-based and experts in this field and work globally to protect and sustain our oceans. Find out more at

Taino’s Policies…

Sustainability and operating in an environmentally friendly way is at the forefront of our minds, below are some of the ways we work to ensure we are doing our part to preserve our oceans and environment.

We source our swimwear fabric from Jersey Lomellina in Italy not just for their exceptional quality but also due to their sustainability policy. They have installed a chemical and physical water treatment plant which removes pollutions in industrial waste. They also recover heat generated by production machines ensuring fumes released into the atmosphere have a reduced temperature and they have reduced their consumption of traditional energy sources to power their machines.

All Taino products are made in the U.K, not only because that is where we are based but to also ensure we have a reduced carbon footprint. We have minimised our supply chain as much as possible to take care that our impact is as low as possible. This means all swimwear is made in Wales and beachwear is produced in London.
None of our products will arrive to our customers in plastic. All our garments will be lovingly packaged in recycled tissue paper and in a fair trade, ethically sourced and natural cotton bag which whilst being biodegradable, doubles up perfectly as a beach bag.